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The New Bathroom Window

The Bathroom Window

Welcome to The Bathroom Window!! Now take your silver spoon (for protection) and enter my very own little corner of the Beatlemania Institution! (Note: to best view this page, maximize the window)

I'm so glad you have come to my web page! This is where I plan to pay homage to the best band guessed it!! The Beatles. These four boys from Liverpool created a phenomenon in music that is-- and always will remain--unmatched. The World Wide Web has become a nerve center of interests, hobbies, art, and most of all, information. I would like to take advantage of this opportunity and provide you with some great knowledge about The Beatles. This is my first attempt at web page building, so please, after you view my site, bookmark it, and send me some e-mail to tell me what you thought! Thanks alot! From Me To You, Jenny

It's All Too Much--Pics, Pics, Pics!

The Magical Mystery Tour--Links Galore!

I Read The News Today, Oh Boy!--Beatle News and Trivia

Webrings I Belong To

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